Take Care Of Your Hair

Hair Care

Real virgin hair material collected from the donor directly. Each bundle hair color and natural curl pattern will vary. Our virgin (unprocessed) hair color ranges from off black to natural brown tones (some darker, and some lighter than others)

Virgin hair is pure and unaltered and may have a few gray strands of hair, which is common. Since this is human hair, it is okay to dye yourself.

How to wash your hair

Rinse the hair extension thoroughly in cold/warm water, hot water is not healthy for your hair. Use a mild shampoo and hair conditioner to wash the hair gently.

Shake out, do not brush the hair when it is wet. Allow the hair to air dry.

Use a good hair serum like John Freida or Argan Oil. Apply Generous amounts of the serum to the hair throughout. Comb the hair starting from the tip of the hair before getting to the roots. Use a wide tooth comb.